This is much more than a photo studio,

It is a safe haven for women. A place of no judgement and authentic connection. A place where you can be fully you, fully woman without the societal pressure and expectations. A place where you can remember the magic of all that you are. A place to be alone with yourself or come together with a tribe of sisters. A place where you are supported and honoured for the beautiful Goddess that you are.


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The home studio is located only 30 minutes away from Toulouse. The gorgeous 120 years old maison de maitre is gently nested amongst the rolling hills of the French country side offering a peaceful retreat from your everyday hustle. I chose this place specifically to help support women on their journey to themselves. To create an atmosphere of well being where you can fully let go and reconnect with your feminine essence. It is also the perfect setting to create stunning, elegant and unique portraits, something that a typical studio with a white background could never offer you. The luxurious and elegant details of the house, with just the right flare or rustic as well as the beautiful outside landscape becomes the perfect background for your images. I’ll let you wonder around and imagine yourself here.



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"This photoshoot with Natalia was such a divine gift! I was nervous to shoot boudoir but she created such a safe space for me to be in my sexiness! We moved through layers of shame, laughed and cried. Please if you ever have the chance, book a shoot with this goddess. It will uplift your relationship to your body and holy sexual expression." ~ Dakota C.~

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This is also a place where women come together,

In modern day society, we forgot the power of connection. The blessing of being supported by sisters. We are taught to compete and tear each other down, but deep down we are all craving for deep and honest connection and we thrive on collaboration and support. Every month, I organize women’s circles. Circles where women are free and safe to be themselves, without judgement, supported and inspired by each other. We dive deep into body love, self acceptance, the sacredness of our bodies and the magic of our wombs. We help each other lose layers of sexual shame we collectively carry and have honest and judgement free conversations about our sexuality. There is also frequent guest speakers during our circles, wise and inspirational women empowering others, as well as different workshops and events all centered around creativity, personal growth, womanhood and deeper connection to our true essence. If you desire to join the tribe and stay informed of the next women’s circle or other workshops, kindly subscribe below to be notified of upcoming events and get some inspirational goodies only available through e-mail.