love notes

A boudoir photo session with me is not only about the fine art portraits of the beautiful you. It is a unique and empowering experience offering you the chance to honour your body, and reconnect with your femininity and sensuality like never before. Don't take my word for it though, have a look at what some of these amazing women had to say! 

Anna S

Anna S.

I saw Natalia's work online and I immediately wanted her to photograph me. I was not mistaking in my choice! I never saw my self as beautiful and free in any other picture in my life. Most importantly she has a unique ability to attune and connect to the feelings and the mood of her subject. These are my dream pictures! Thank you Natalia, you are now my photographer of choice and I am forever in love with your work!

IMG_6448 copy

Dakota C.

This photoshoot with Natalia was such a divine gift! I was nervous to shoot boudoir but she created such a safe space for me to be in my sexiness! We moved through layers of shame, laughed and cried. Please if you ever have the chance, book a shoot with this goddess. It will uplift your relationship to your body and holy sexual expression.

Marina N

Marina N.

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Natalia! I couldn't expect I can be that beautiful! Her personal touch and her talent helps to reveal all your hidden sexuality and the natural femininity we all have."

IMG_5942 copy

Svetlana Chernienko

This woman Natalia, is such an amazing woman and photographer. Our shoot together before she moved to France was so amazing, we could have literally talked forever! Thank you so much my dear for reminding this 41 year old mom of 4, how beautiful she is.



"My husband was very sceptical of the whole idea, but when he saw the portraits he said: I want to make love to you on each and single one of them!"


Yulia Ivanova

"I am so happy I had a chance to do my first ever boudoir photoshoot with Natalia - she is such a nice and easy-going person. No matter how much clothes you are wearing, she’ll make you feel comfortable and beautiful. The entire experience was eye-opening; I could see myself from a completely different side and love everything about it. Girls, don’t wait for a special occasion; make this session a “me from me” gift and you’ll fall in love with yourself."