Intimate, Elegant, Fine Art Photography for the Modern Woman


Yes you, the one reading this. I'm so happy our paths have crossed! If you are here, it means that you are curious about unleashing your inner Goddess and I am here to help you do just that. The sensual, fearless, confident woman that lives in you is ready to come out and play. Set her free. Each and everyone of us ladies has one, regardless of our shape, size, colour or age. Maybe she comes out to play regularly or maybe she is hidden so deep inside that you completely forgot about her. Regardless, every woman deserves and owes it to herself to meet her at least once, to fully embrace her and feel her power. This is what a Boudoir photo session with me is about. It is so much more than just beautiful portraits of you, it is an experience, a date with yourself. Wondering what exactly is a boudoir photo session?

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"I couldn't believe it was me! I never knew I could look so good and I had that in me. Thank you Natalia for helping me discover a new side to myself." ~M.L.~

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